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SCT Registrar’s Direction No 1 of 2010 SCT Registry

SCT Registrar’s Direction No 1 of 2010 SCT Registry

August 15, 2010





SCT Registry


This SCT Registrar’s Direction will come into effect on the date of signature. It may be cited as SCT Registrar’s Direction 1 of 2010 — SCT Registry and may be abbreviated to SCT RD 1/2010.

1. SCT Judge: SCT Judges are defined in PD 1 of 2010 (Re-enactment of PD 4 of 2009).


2. Allocation of cases: all SCT cases will be allocated to any of the SCT Judges on a roster basis for consultation hearings. If consultation is not successful, the SCT Judge will refer the case to the SCT Registry to re allocate it to a different SCT Judge who has not been involved in any of the consultation stages.


3. Consultation hearings: The SCT will generally fix the first consultation hearing within 14 days after service of the Claim form.


4. Hearings: All hearings in the SCT either in the consultation or hearing stage are to be conducted in private unless the SCT Judge orders otherwise pursuant to Articles 53.32 and 53.45 of the RDC.


5. Waiver of fees: for waiver of fees the Claimant must state clearly in his Claim form that he seeks to have fees waived. The SCT Registrar will make a decision to either waive or delay payment of fees until the end of the case. The SCT Registry shall record on the SCT case file that fees were waived and the issued Order shall include that the Claimant must pay the fees.


6. SCT Costs: Please refer to Registrar Direction 1 of 2009 SCT Costs.


7. SCT cases over AED 100, 000: In view of the new limits of jurisdiction of the SCT, when a Claimant commences in the SCT:

(a) An employment case regardless of the amount claimed,


(b) a non employment case for an amount exceeding AED 100.000, or where the value of the subject matter exceeds AED 100, 000


the Claimant must tick the box in the Claim form which states that parties have agreed in writing to submit to the SCT’s jurisdiction.


8. SCT fees: please refer to the Courts Schedule of fees section relating to the Small Claims Tribunal fees. These fees will also apply to
the new limits of jurisdiction within the SCT.


9. SCT Reasoned Judgments: All SCT judgements are to be added on the website. All SCT cases that were private will have the names of the parties redacted.


Dated this 15 day of August 2010

Amna Al Owais
SCT Registrar