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29 March 2011 — DIFC Courts and Dubai Courts achieve new arbitration enforcement landmark

29 March 2011 — DIFC Courts and Dubai Courts achieve new arbitration enforcement landmark

March 29, 2011


Joint Committee drives judicial collaboration

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 29 March 2010: In a landmark development of judicial cooperation the Joint Committee of the Dubai Courts-DIFC Courts (“Joint Committee”) announce that the Dubai Courts have recently approved the execution of a DIFC-LCIA arbitration award that was recognised and ratified by the DIFC Courts under Article 43 of the DIFC Arbitration Law (Law No. 1 of 2008).

This is a critical step in demonstrating that DIFC-LCIA Arbitral awards can be enforced effectively and efficiently outside of the DIFC, and is another example of cooperation in this area between the DIFC Courts and Dubai Courts. The arbitration award is a testament to the success of the Protocol of Enforcement between Dubai Courts and the DIFC Courts that has already seen more than 40 of each other’s decisions successfully enforced.

In 2008, the DIFC Courts and Dubai Courts formed a Joint Committee with the aim of strengthening strategic cooperation that has resulted in initiatives such as the signing of the Protocol of Jurisdiction and the Protocol of Enforcement. The Joint Committee meets regularly to develop mechanisms for enhancing judicial procedures between both Courts.

The Joint Committee is comprised of Dubai Court’s representatives HE Judge Jassem Baqer, Head of the Court of First Instance; HE Judge Omar Atiq Al Marri, Head of the Commercial Court and Dr. Yusuf Al Suwaidi, Director of Strategy & Corporate Performance Division of Dubai Courts and representatives of the DIFC Courts, HE Justice Ali Shamis Al Madhani and HE Justice Omar Al Muhairi and Ghada Qaisi Audi, Acting Deputy Registrar/SCT Registrar and Manager, Judicial Support and Communications.

His Excellency Justice Omar Al Muhairi, DIFC Courts, said, “Dubai Courts and the Dubai International Financial Centre Courts (“DIFC Courts”) are pillars of the Dubai legal system and agree that both Courts should have full judicial cooperation. The Joint Committee has worked hard to ensure that procedures for the mutual enforcement of judgments, orders and now this DIFC-LCIA arbitration award work successfully and in accordance with the Protocol of Enforcement. Not only is this an important milestone for the Joint Committee, but also for the respective Courts’ Users who will benefit from the efficient and transparent justice both Courts continue to provide. The cooperation shall have a positive impact on effectively establishing and maintaining a strong Judicial System in Dubai. Furthermore, this cooperation shall strengthen the relationships between the Dubai Courts and the DIFC Courts.”

His Excellency Judge Omar Atiq Al Marri, Head of Commercial Court for Dubai Courts said: “The Dubai Courts and the DIFC Courts share the goal of delivering the highest standard of judicial services by facilitating litigation processes by providing the necessary guarantees of a fair trial as well as speeding up the enforcement of arbitral awards. This is one of many examples of the commitment to recognise and enforce each Courts’ respective judgments, orders, and awards.”


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