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Practice Direction No. 4 of 2011 Pro Bono Fund

Practice Direction No. 4 of 2011 Pro Bono Fund

September 11, 2011




Pro Bono Fund


This Practice Direction will come into effect on the date of issue. It may be cited as Practice Direction 4 of 2011 — Pro Bono Fundand may be abbreviated to PD 4/2011

1. This Practice Direction:

(a) establishes the Pro Bono Fund referred to in Rule 38.89 for the payment into of costs received in favour of a party represented pro bono under Rules 38.89; and
(b) sets out the method of distributing such funds for the purposes stated under Rule 38.90.
2. The Fund is established in accordance with Article 28 of DIFC Trust Law No. 11 of 2005 (as amended by DIFC Law No. 2 of 2007).
3. The Fund shall be administered by its Board of Trustees in accordance with the purposes of the trust.
4. Any individual, group or organisation may apply to the Fund by way of letter stating the kind of support that is required and why to the Pro Bono Programme Leader at the DIFC Courts Registry.
5. The application letter should state under which purpose of Rule 38.90 the application is made and a full description of the project in respect of which funding is sought.
6. The Applicant should include with the letter any relevant documentation in respect of the Applicant’s financial circumstances.
7. Subsequent to an application being made the Applicant may be requested to provide further information if necessary.
8. All applications will be determined at a meeting of Trustees held three times a year, unless the Trustees decide otherwise.
9. When making a decision on distribution of funds, the Board of Trustees will have an absolute discretion and the Trustees do not accept any duty or liability to any individual, group or organisation seeking a distribution.
10. The Fund will aim to operate transparently. Thus all grants will be listed in available records, on the Court website and in its annual report.

Michael Hwang

Chief Justice of the DIFC Courts
Dated: 11 September 2011


Privacy Policy

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