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Schedule B to Part 28

Court Rules



Schedule B

Document Production Statement

I, the above named claimant [or defendant] [if the party making production is a company, firm or other organisation, identify here the person making the Document Production Statement and explain why he is the appropriate person to make it] state that I have carried out a reasonable search to locate all the documents which I am required to produce under the order made by the Court  day of.

[explain what was searched and extent of search]

I did not search:

(1) for documents predating.

(2) for documents located elsewhere than.

(3) for documents in categories other than.

For electronic documents

I carried out a search for electronic documents contained on or created by the following:

[explain what was searched and extent of search]

I did not search for the following:

(1) documents created before

(2) documents contained on or created by the Claimant Defendant PCs/portable data storage media/databases/servers/back-up tapes/off-site storage/mobile phones/laptops/notebooks/handheld devices/PDA devices (delete as appropriate),

(3) documents contained on or created by the Claimant’s/Defendant’s mail files/document files/calendar files/spreadsheet files/graphic and presentation files/web-based applications (delete as appropriate),

(4) documents other than by reference to the following keyword(s)/concepts(delete if your search was not confined to specific keywords or concepts).

I certify that I understand the duty to produce documents and to the best of my knowledge I have carried out that duty. I certify that the list above is a complete list of all documents which are or have been in my control and which I am obliged under the said order to produce.
Signed and dated this.


Privacy Policy

The Dispute Resolution Authority and all its affiliates are committed to preserve the confidentiality, integrity and availability of client data and personal information.

Dispute Resolution Authority and all its affiliates employees, vendors, contract workers, shall follow Information Security Management System in all the processes and technology.

  1. DRA's Top Management is committed to secure information of all our interested parties.
  2. Information security controls the policies, processes, and measures that are implemented by DRA in order to mitigate risks to an acceptable level, and to maximize opportunities in order to achieve its information security objectives.
  3. DRA and all its affiliates shall adopt a systematic approach to risk assessment and risk treatment.
  4. DRA is committed to provide information security awareness among team members and evaluate the competency of all its employees.
  5. DRA and all its affiliates shall protect personal information held by them in all its form.
  6. DRA and all its affiliates shall comply with all regulatory, legal and contractual requirements.
  7. DRA and all its affiliates shall provide a comprehensive Business Continuity Plan encompassing the locations within the scope of the ISMS.
  8. Information shall be made available to authorised persons as and when required.
  9. DRA’s Top Management is committed towards continual improvement in information security in all our processes through regular review of our information security management system.