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Joint Judicial Commitee Decisions


Joint Judicial Commitee Decisions

The decisions of the Joint Judicial Commitee, established pursuant to Decree No. 19 of 2016, can be found here:


Cassation No 1 of 2016 with Dissenting Opinion – Daman Real Capital Partners Company LLC v Oger Dubai LLC

Cassation No 2 of 2016 with Dissenting Opinion  – Dubai Water Front LLC v Chenshan Liu

Cassation No 3 of 2016 – Marine Logistics Solutions LLC and another v Wadi Woraya LLC and others

Cassation No 4 of 2016 – Investment Group Private LTC v Standard Chartered Bank

Cassation No 5 of 2016 – Gulf Navigation Holding PJSC v DNB Bank ASA



Cassation No 1 of 2017 with Dissenting Opinion – Gulf Navigation Holding P.S.C v Jinhai Heavy Industry Co. Limited (Formerly Zhoushan Junhaiwan Shpiyard Co., Ltd.)

Cassation No 2 of 2017 – Al Zaitoon, Olive Group v Al Delma

Cassation No 3 of 2017 with Dissenting Opinion – Ramadan Mousa Mishmish v Sweet Homes Real Estate LLC

Cassation No 4 of 2017 – Endofa DMCC v D’Amico Shipping

Cassation No 5 of 2017 – Emirates Trading Agency LLC v Bocimar International N.V.

Cassation No 6 of 2017 – Assas Investments Limited v Fius Capital Limited

Cassation No 7 of 2017 – IGPL v Standard Chartered Bank

Cassation No 8 of 2017 – Assas OPCP Limited v VIH Hotel Management Ltd