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ENF 011/2009 – Order

ENF 011/2009 – Order

August 26, 2009


Claim No: ENF 011/2009



STUART CRAIG PERRY Claimant/Applicant






UPON reading the statement submitted by the enforcement officer, Rita Hicks of the DIFC Courts dated 18 August 2009 inviting the Court to locate one or more assessors to assess the value of the seized property and set a date for sale of the property.

IT IS ORDERED as follows:

1. The remainder of this order will not take effect if the Defendant pays to the Claimant the judgment debt of £33,536 by Tuesday, 1 September 2009 at 3:00PM.


2. The seized assets shall be sold without further reference unless changed by a further order of the Court.


3. The court appointed surveyor/auctioneer, Orasia Auctions Organizer will have conduct of the sale and will charge a fee of 3.5% out of the proceeds of the sale (Orasia Auctions
Organizer PO Box 20103, Dubai – UAE).


4. Orasia Auctions Organizer shall submit their valuation assessment no later than Tuesday, 1 September 2009 at 3:00PM.


5. Orasia Auctions Organizer or their representatives shall have the right to enter the Defendant’s premises and collect the seized assets. Orasia Auctions Organizer may remove the assets from the office if necessary.


6. Orasia Auctions Organizer shall hold an auction and sell the seized goods by no later than Sunday, 6 September 2009 or such other date set by the Court.


7. Orasia Auctions Organizer should transfer the proceeds of the sale to the DIFC Judicial Authority escrow account at HSBC Middle East Bank Limited, account number 020 532495-001 and swift code BBME 020 532495-001 (Dubai International Financial Centre Judicial Authority).


8. The DIFC Judicial Authority shall first apply the proceeds of the sale –
a. to pay the costs and expenses of effecting the sale;
b. pay the amount due to the Claimant as stated in paragraph 1; and
c. pay the balance (if any) to the Defendant.


9. Either party may apply to the Court by no later than Tuesday, 1 September 2009 to vary any of the terms of this order, for further directions about the sale, or otherwise.

HE Justice Ali Al Madhani
Execution Judge
Date of Issue: 26 August 2009
At 1.00pm