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Case Bundle

This protocol is a guideline to be used by Counsel and the Courts. It is intended to encourage and facilitate the use of electronic documents for cases in the DIFC Courts Court of First Instance (CFI) and Court of Appeal (CA).

Filings & Service

  • The Courts encourage parties to file electronic versions of all documents.
  • Parties must agree on a time to file the bundle after which no further changes will be made to the common bundle or case on appeal, to ensure both parties can hyperlink without disruption.
  • The above should be read in accordance with the provisions of Part 35 of the Rules of the DIFC Courts (RDC).
  • The document must be numbered in ascending order regardless of whether multiple documents have been combined together.
  • The default display view size of all pages must always be 100%.
  • Texts on all pages must be selectable to facilitate comments and highlights to be imposed on the texts.
  • The bookmarks must be labelled indicating what document they are referring to (best to have the same name or title as the actual document) and also display the relevant page numbers.
  • Supplementary documents or bundles filed during or close to the start of the hearing should be uploaded to the Case bundle to have access to the final version of the bundle during the hearing.
  • If a document has to be read across rather than down the page, it should be so placed in the bundle as to ensure that the top of the text is nearest the spine.
  • Documents that are not in English should be translated; the translation should be marked and placed adjacent to the document transcribed; the translation should be agreed, or, if it cannot be agreed, each party's proposed translation should be included.

Important notice:

  • Non-compliance with the above guidelines may result in your case bundle being returned.
  • In hearings, counsel should make reference to the page numbering of the case bundle when addressing the Court.

Access to Case Bundle

  1. Login to e-Registry portal
  2. Click Cases tab
  3. Click on specific case
  4. You will be able to locate an access icon named Case Bundle on the right side of your case details


This service is offered by the Dubai International Financial Centre Courts.

For support on the Case Bundle Facility, please see the below contact details:

email : registry@difccourts.ae

Phone : +971-44273333

Support is available Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 4:00 pm (GMT)
*excluding public/bank holidays

For emergency support : +971 4 427 3331