DIFC Courts

1. Overview

1.1 The DIFC Courts is introducing a secondment programme (“Registry Secondment Programme” or “RSP”).

1.2 The RSP is an opportunity for law firms, companies, entities, or other organisations (“Applicants”) to nominate a secondee from their business (“Nominee”) to spend a period, ideally three (3) to six (6) months in the DIFC Courts’ Registry Team.

1.3 The RSP is for knowledge sharing, skill diversification and cultural exchange, and it is intended to thoroughly expose the Nominee to the inner workings of the Registry Team and the Judiciary.

1.4 The Nominee will, at all material times, be employed and remunerated by the Applicant. On this basis, the secondment will be on a voluntary / pro bono basis.

2. Criteria

2.1 Applicants are invited to nominate employees who:

(a) have a law degree or equivalent from a reputable university;

(b) have experience working in a common law jurisdiction;

(c) have at least six (6) months’ experience working with the Applicant; and

(d) reside in the United Arab Emirates.

2.2 Nominees may range from law graduates (trainees) to mid-level solicitors or barristers.

3. Application

3.1 Applications will be accepted throughout the year. Programme commencement will be June 1st and January 1st of each year.

3.2 Applications must be marked for the attention of the Registrar, sent to enquiries@difccourts.ae and copying in the DIFC Courts’ HR Department (HR@difccourts.ae). Applications must include the following documents:

(a) an endorsement of the Nominee from the Applicant employer;

(b) a covering letter from the Nominee; and

(c) Nominee CV.

4. Programme

4.1 Nominees will undergo a one-week induction programme. The programme will include a “meet and greet” with all resident judges, Heads of Department and Registry team members, as well as thorough training sessions on use of the Courts’ technology platforms and systems.

4.2 Nominees will be expected to support the Registrar and Registry Team with the following tasks:

(a) case progression;

(b) provide input on improvement plans and projects;

(c) provide input and assist with the drafting of Practical Guidance Notes;

(d) provide input on the Consolidated Guidance Note project;

(e) legal research;

(f) drafting of judgments, orders, and notices;

(g) attend hearings with Judges and Registrars.