DIFC Courts
  • Fee Schedule


Schedule of fees for registration of legal practitioners

Registration Categories

Part I for law firms
Part II for individuals with rights of audience before the DIFC Courts

Part I registration

USD 2700

Part I renewal

USD 1350

Part II registration

USD 2500

Part II renewal

USD 1450 

Part I certificate (optional)

USD 300

Part II certificate (optional)

USD 150

A firm can add up to seven (7) Lawyers under part I for no additional fees. Any extra addition is USD 100

USD 100

Please note that once registration has lapsed, Part I and Part II registrants will be required to pay initial registration fees to re-register with the Academy of Law.

Certificates for Part I and Part II registered practitioners may be ordered by contacting registration@difccourts.ae

We accept online payment for Registrations and Renewals by credit and debit card, in-person at our offices, cash, cheque and wire transfer. Please consult our Terms for more information about payments.