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General guidelines for electronic bundles in the DIFC Courts


This protocol is a guideline to be used by Counsel and the Courts. It is intended to encourage and facilitate the use of electronic documents for cases in the DIFC Courts Court of First Instance (CFI) and Court of Appeal.

Filing and Service

Important notice:

Non-compliance with the above guidelines may result in your electronic bundle being returned.

During the hearing Counsel should refer to the electronic bundle numbering when addressing the Court.

Access to e-Bundle:

  1. Login to e-registry portal
  2. Click Our Cases Tab
  3. Click on specific case, right hand side of your case details e-bundle access icon will be available to navigate e-Bundle

Alternatively you can access your e-bundle using the following url:

Service Fee

Users of the CaseLines service will be charged $0.35 per page loaded into the system.

There is a minimum fee of $150 per case.

Support Contact

To contact CaseLines support, please visit our support desk at: or email '' ,Phone: 8000 320346

Support is available between UK business hours - 09:00 to 17:00 GMT (Monday to Friday and excluding public / bank holidays).

This service is offered by a third-party and please contact the support contact for further information

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