DIFC Courts

Dubai, United Arab Emirates; 12 December 2013: Following feedback from the UAE legal community, the DIFC Courts today extended the consultation period on proposed amendments to the rules governing court procedures by a further month, giving more interested parties an opportunity to share their observations, comments and suggestions.

The Rules of the DIFC Courts (RDC) have the overriding objective of enabling the courts to deal with cases justly and to ensure that all parties are on an equal footing. The consultation includes a number of substantive rule changes designed to enhance the workings of the Courts, which can be found on the Consultations page at www.difccourts.ae.

Among the most significant draft provisions are amendments to the rules on document production (Part 28 of the RDC) and cost free trials for pro bono litigants (Part 38 of the RDC), and the proposal to allow for the conversion of Court judgments into arbitration awards (proposed Part 45A of the RDC).

Interested parties are invited to submit their views via email to the DIFC Courts at Consultation@difccourts.ae. All feedback will be considered by the DIFC Courts before the final revised Rules of the DIFC Courts are published in early 2014.