DIFC Courts

• Proposed amendments aim to refine the Rules in light of experience and feedback

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 25 April 2011: In line with its continued commitment to transparency and judicial excellence, the DIFC Courts are proposing amendments to their Rules (the “RDC”), and seek feedback from the public. The proposed amendments, based on the experience of the Courts and feedback from the legal community, have been made available for consultation for a one month period starting from April 20th, and can be found on the DIFC Courts' website.

The RDC are based on the highest standards of Commercial Court procedures from around the world, and are widely acknowledged for efficiency and promoting parties to settle disputes before trial. The adaptations proposed in the consultation are yet another example of the DIFC Courts' progressive, inclusive and innovative approach. By seeking feedback from court users, the business community and the public, and carefully considering the diverse perspectives within the community the DIFC Courts ensure that their Rules continue to allow justice to be dispensed efficiently, fairly and transparently.

Mark Beer, DIFC Courts' Registrar, said of the proposed amendments, "The purpose of the proposed amendments is to increase the efficiency and accessibility of the DIFC Courts and this public consultation is an example of these efforts and underpins our unwavering commitment to innovation, transparency and accessibility." The new rules can be accessed until 23 May at http://difccourts._complinet.com/en/display/display.html?rbid=2725&element_id=4498

Comments and feedback should be emailed to consultation@difccourts.ae.