DIFC Courts

Month-long consultation period closes at 5PM on October 26, 2013

Dubai, United Arab Emirates; September 26, 2013: The DIFC Courts, Dubai’s established English language, commercial common law judicial system, today began a month-long consultation period with the UAE legal community about proposed changes to the Courts’ mandatory “Code of Conduct.”

Following the introduction in March 2013 of a voluntary “Code of Best Legal Professional Practice” covering a wide range of issues, the DIFC Courts have now opened a dialogue with stakeholders in the UAE about incorporating the elements covering court behaviour into the mandatory “Code of Conduct.” The proposed expanded provisions are focused primarily on the duty of legal counsel towards the court and their client.

Michael Hwang, Chief Justice of the DIFC Courts, said: “The voluntary code of professional practice brings together elements of legal excellence from across the world’s leading commercial jurisdictions. Over the next month, we want to hear from lawyers, academics and other interested parties in the UAE about migrating the most important provisions related to courtroom conduct into the mandatory code. We believe that adherence to this revised code will result in a standard of conduct which ranks among the very best in the world.”

The revised version of the DIFC Courts’ “Code of Conduct” for consultation can be found at www.difccourts.ae

Observations, comments and suggestions can be submitted to the DIFC Courts via email at Consultation@difccourts.ae

The consultation will close at 17.00 on October 26, 2013.