DIFC Courts

Dubai, United Arab Emirates; April 2015: The DIFC Courts this week welcomed a delegation from their partner organisation the Dubai Courts as the complementary judicial systems pursue their shared goal of delivering excellence in dispute resolution. The delegation was headed by Mohammed Amin Mubashri, Director of the Mediation Centre at the Dubai Courts, and is part of a regular series of meetings and events designed to exchange ideas, knowledge and best practice.

The English-language common law system of the DIFC Courts was established in 2004 to provide businesses with a choice about how to resolve a commercial dispute. Since then, the DIFC Courts and the Arabic-language civil law system of the Dubai Courts have collaborated closely to support the needs of businesses operating in the Emirate, including signing memoranda clarifying enforcement procedures between the two organisations and covering collaboration.

Mark Beer, OBE, Chief Executive and Registrar of the DIFC Courts, said: “Companies in Dubai benefit greatly from the choice and certainty offered by the Emirate’s complementary common law and civil code judicial systems. Though the regular exchange of knowledge and experience, the Dubai Courts and the DIFC Courts are able to support the evolving needs of companies and are helping to make the UAE one of the best places in the world to do business.”

Among the topics discussed during the high level meeting was how best to promote the amicable resolution of disputes before they reach the litigation stage. The DIFC Courts’ Small Claims Tribunal was cited as a good example of this approach, with 90% of claims it hears being settled within three weeks and without the need for a trial.