DIFC Courts

Consultation — The Code of Professional Conduct for Legal Practitioners in the DIFC Courts


The DIFC Courts welcome views and comments on the attached draft code of professional conduct (the ‘Code’). Following adoption of the Code, the right to practice in the DIFC Courts will become conditional upon observance of the Code and acceptance of the Courts’ power to impose the sanctions provided by the Code. The DIFC Courts... Continue Reading »

Consultation — Part 43 and 53 of the RDC

January 18, 2009 CONSULTATIONS

The DIFC Courts welcomes views and comments on the two new Parts of the DIFC Courts Rules Part 43 (Arbitration) and Part 53 Small Claims Tribunal (SCT) in accordance with Article 31 of the DIFC Law No. 10 of 2004 (Court Law) and invites interested persons to make representations with respect to these Rules by 18 January 2009. The public... Continue Reading »