DIFC Courts
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This Court shall be comprised of at least three Judges, with the Chief Justice or most senior Judge presiding. The Court of Appeal would have exclusive jurisdiction over:

Appeals filed against Judgments and Awards made by the Court of First Instance;

Interpretation of any article of the DIFC’s laws based upon the request of any of the DIFC’s bodies or the request of any of the DIFC’s establishments provided that the establishment obtains leave of the Chief Justice in this regard. Such interpretation shall have the power of law.

The Court of Appeal lays down the final order or judgement of the Courts and no appeal shall lie from a decision of the Court of Appeal.

Article V. Court of Appeal (CA)

(A) Appellants and respondents notices

The fee for filing an Appellant’s Notice or a Respondent’s Notice shall be US$ 5,000.


  1. The fee in Article V(A) shall include a one-day hearing before the Court of Appeal.
  2. For a cross-appeal, the same fees as payable as for an appeal.
  3. Setting down for hearing fees under Article IV applies to appeal hearings.