DIFC Courts

Schedule B to Part 28

Document Production Statement

I, the above named claimant [or defendant] [if the party making production is a company, firm or other organisation, identify here the person making the Document Production Statement and explain why he is the appropriate person to make it] state that I have carried out a reasonable search to locate all the documents which I am required to produce under the order made by the Court  day of.

[explain what was searched and extent of search]

I did not search:

(1) for documents predating.

(2) for documents located elsewhere than.

(3) for documents in categories other than.

For electronic documents

I carried out a search for electronic documents contained on or created by the following:

[explain what was searched and extent of search]

I did not search for the following:

(1) documents created before

(2) documents contained on or created by the Claimant Defendant PCs/portable data storage media/databases/servers/back-up tapes/off-site storage/mobile phones/laptops/notebooks/handheld devices/PDA devices (delete as appropriate),

(3) documents contained on or created by the Claimant’s/Defendant’s mail files/document files/calendar files/spreadsheet files/graphic and presentation files/web-based applications (delete as appropriate),

(4) documents other than by reference to the following keyword(s)/concepts(delete if your search was not confined to specific keywords or concepts).

I certify that I understand the duty to produce documents and to the best of my knowledge I have carried out that duty. I certify that the list above is a complete list of all documents which are or have been in my control and which I am obliged under the said order to produce.
Signed and dated this.