DIFC Courts

Schedule C to Part 26

Pre-Trial checklist

a. Trial date:

b. Party lodging checklist:

c. Name(s) of legal representative(s):

d. Name(s) of individual legal representative(s) for trial:

[Note: this checklist should normally be completed with the involvement of the legal representatives instructed for trial]

1. Have you completed preparation of trial bundles?

2. If not, when will the preparation of the trial bundles be completed?

3. Which witnesses of fact do you intend to call?

4. Which expert witness(es) do you intend to call (if directions for expert evidence have been given)?

5. Will an interpreter be required for any witness and if so, have any necessary directions already been given?

6. Have directions been given for any witness to give evidence by video link? If so, have all necessary arrangements been made?

7. What are the individual legal representative(s)’s for trial confirmed estimates of the minimum and maximum lengths of the trial? (A confirmed estimate of length signed by the individual legal representative(s) for trial should be attached).

8. What is your estimate of costs already incurred and to be incurred at trial?

[Signature of legal representative(s)]